Closet Chelle is dedicated to sourcing "already made" quality brand name clothing. Our items are primarily sourced from department stores, small clothing distributors, and people (like you). We purchase bulk overstocks, out of season styles, and customer returns. 


Overstocks and Out of Season Styles are typically new with tags and have never been worn. In other words, they are dead stocks and destined for the landfills as a last-ditch effort, if not rehomed. We refer to these clothing as "rescues," in which we "reintroduce" them back into the market. Please understand that we do not support the excess production of fast fashion. We want to provide a better solution for the overproduction of clothing or out of season clothing. Some may say, that it incentives big retail to mass produce more. We at Closet Chelle, believe in the basics of  business. Consumer behavior drives supply and demand. What about the billions of dollars, sold every year in consumer purchases? Just think about that! At Closet Chelle, we understand that the world will not change overnight, but we must take steps in the right direction. We are not a clothing brand and we do not manufacturer clothing. There is already a significant amount of "already made" clothing circulating around the globe. Our stance is "lets wear what is already created."


Customer Returns are sometimes new with/without tags or pre-loved. Clothes may have slight damage. At Closet Chelle, these are listed as restocks, and the current condition of the clothing will be disclosed in the pictures and within the description. Because we believe in mending minor flaws when possible, we will disclose information about any mends within the listing. Because it makes no sense to trash clothes due to minor imperfections. 


Pre-Loved, are customer buy-back purchases and customer returns. At times clothing are sourced locally from people.


Authenticity. All of our items are 100% authentic brands. However, we are not affiliated with the brands we sell.


We appreciate your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at