About Us

ClosetChelle.Com is an online resale women’s clothing store that inspires to motivate a generation of women to shop for their next threads consciously. We believe in quality clothing construction, and clothes should not be cheaply made. Clothing should be built to last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Fast fashion has contributed to an enormous amount of waste of perfectly good fashion. At Closet Chelle, we strive to be a solution to this problem.

Our Primary Initiative is to “rescue” clothes from the landfills by “reintroducing” them back into the market. It makes absolutely no sense to dump or burn perfectly good clothing. Zero-waste, we should not waste our resources. People make clothing, and we should not allow their labor to go in vain.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the estimated amount of clothing and footwear in the landfills was 12.8 million tons in 2017. And it takes non-biodegradable fabrics (polyester, spandex, nylon, etc.) 20 to 200 years to decompose. The decomposing of clothing in landfills contributes to gas emissions, and the toxic chemical dyes found in clothing can contaminate nearby water sources. As consumers, we have to be more mindful of how and what we purchase. We should shift our focus to caring for our planet and our God-given resources. We should not abuse them by taking things for granted. Which is why clothing resale or buying second hand is a fantastic alternative. Why? Because the clothes are already made, and we can provide them a new home.

What We Believe. Excess clothes should be “rescued” and “reintroduced” back into the market. They deserve a second chance. Previously loved clothes should be resold and not trashed. Clothing that is severely damaged beyond repair should be recycled. We should never trash clothing. Please take severely damage clothes to a textile recycling center, a eco-friendly option. 

We'll Buy Your Clothes. In response to building a sustainable future and creating the new norm. Closet Chelle will like to offer our customers the opportunity to sell their gently used brand name clothing to us. In exchange, we will offer you up to 20% off your next purchase. It’s a great way to do something good for the planet, plus clean out your closet and earn an even bigger discount at ClosetChelle.Com.

Our History, Closet Chelle originated from the buy-sell marketplaces. We have sold thousands of new and pre-loved items across multiple marketplaces. Our faves our eBay and Poshmark. What started as a fun hobby of buying and selling used clothing is now a small business. We are a veteran-owned (Navy vets) husband and wife duo. We look forward to servicing you and we appreciate your support!