8 Winter Trends To Follow This Season!

Fashion trends can be challenging to keep up with unless you’re looking for them specifically. Nowadays, so many stores manage to convince us what to buy by using clever persuasive techniques, but do we ever actually know what’s trending? If you’re looking for the fashion forecast this winter, read on!


  • Colorful suits 

Big, bold colored suits are a great outfit that can be pulled together easily – buy a matching set – and this can give your wardrobe a serious upgrade. It is incredible how a single, monochromatic suit has the power to give off bossy vibes all day! 


  • Cardigans 

There are so many different types of cardigans you can wear this winter. One of the most popular cardigans is a cropped, tie-front cardigan worn with nothing underneath or a small crop top or vest. Also, long and cozy cardi’s are trending too, plus anything neutral is always welcomed! 


  • Balloon Sleeves 

Balloon sleeves aren’t new this year – they were popular in the summer to adorn dainty little crop tops and stunning maxi and midi dresses – and there’s more to come this winter; blouses and dresses will feature balloon sleeves as well. 


  •  Checks and Tartan 

If you’re interested in adding some patterns to this winter’s outfits, think tartan, houndstooth, and Prince of Wales checks to add to any piece – skirts, trousers, blazers, coats, anything – and you’ll be channeling those trendy vibes all day. If you’re looking for something more casual, flannel and checked shirts are back in, too. 


  •  Trench coats 

Trench coats seem to have a real girl-boss attitude about them, with their long, flowy style, which still incorporates an element of seriousness. This year, you can also expect to see some long leather coats too, which look totally gorgeous. 


  •  Neutral tones 

Neutral colors are easy for anyone to pull off, and layering slightly neutral tones in your outfits this winter will keep you on-trend. If you want to add a little something extra, you could always add a nice color like red onto your bag or a small accessory to flaunt a pop of color. 


  •  Wide leg trousers 

Wide leg trousers, flares, boyfriends’ jeans, and wide-legged suits are really taking over the fashion industry. Over the summer months and recently, we have seen lots of wide-leg jeans and will be continued this winter in every single trouser style you can think of – so comfy. 


  •  Red 

If one thing’s for sure, red is such a warm, cozy color for the winter, especially since it gives off Christmas vibes! If you’re looking for a classy color to theme your winter wardrobe this year, you can never go wrong with red because it is a classic staple.