Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

There’s a lot of emphasis and encouragement focused on the environment these days, what with all the disastrous things happening in various places, and how science shows our planet is being damaged. There are so many different things which can have a negative impact on the environment, and just as many, if not more, ways in which we can help to combat these effects and reduce the damage being done all around. Here is everything you need to know about sustainable fashion.


What is it?

Obviously, sustainable fashion helps to ‘save’ the planet, but that opens a very broad range of questions about how, exactly. In short, sustainable fashion in general involves harvesting fashion in a way which celebrates different cultures, styles, processes and is also manufactured in ways which harm the environment as little as possible. This means that sustainable fashion does, in fact, extend further than just ‘helping the planet’ and has other focuses at the same time.


Why is sustainable fashion important?

There are so many things which can make fashion itself sustainable, which means there are also so many ways in which sustainable fashion is important. One of the first ways in which fashion can be sustainable is by encouraging sustainable manufacturing processes, from the materials used to the way they’re produced. This is a positive change to make as it can prevent some causes of climate change. Another way to make fashion more sustainable is by reducing waste and encouraging recycling, which makes the most of the resources available and prevents landfill.


Aside from all environment-related issues, sustainable fashion also ensures that different cultures get the recognition they deserve. In western culture particularly, many traditions and cultures can be forgotten or even dismissed within the latest fashion styles and trends, so bringing light to these issues, as well as focusing on promoting them, can have a really positive impact.


How do Closet Chelle help with the movement?

The thing with sustainable fashion is that it’s a movement which needs involvement from many different companies. This means it’s important for everyone to get involved as much as they can. At Closet Chelle, all items are overstocks from department stores from last season which are no longer sold. The idea of styles changing between seasons is a very wasteful concept as, 99% of the time, so many perfectly good items of clothing are thrown away when they are no longer new.


By selling the remains of what’s left after department stores have cleared their shelves, Closet Chelle give these clothes, which are in brand new condition, a new opportunity to be worn and used, rather than be thrown out when they don’t need to be.