Hey CC Nation, here is a little more info about who we are...

We are a new and innovative company that is pioneering for a more sustainable outlook and approach to fashion by working with our imagination and a practical concept to build a planet-friendly fashion idea. There are so many great things about everything we are striving for, and we are definitely a store you should be interested in shopping. It's not long before our grand opening – which is very exciting! If you want to find out more, here is more information about our company and grand opening. 


About Us 

In case you're wondering exactly about Closet Chelle? Well, you're in the right place. Essentially, we sell "rescued" clothing at discounted prices from major department stores and brands, such as Michael Kors, Free People, Calvin Klein, and more. At the end of a season, department stores often have clearance sales and, once these are over, the excess inventory is discarded. Rather than the department stores throwing the stock away, we sell it at reduced prices; most items are brand new with tags and never worn. There are so many great things that come from this new way of shopping that benefit both you and the planet in many ways, which you can find out if you read on. 


Why Is This Good For The Planet

As mentioned, we basically "save" the leftover stock from large department stores from being thrown out by re-selling it on our website. Due to this process, there are lots of ways in which the environment can benefit. 

Nowadays, fast fashion is such a large concept among people, with fashion trends constantly changing, which is why different styles are no longer sold after their season is over. However, this creates lots of waste, and results in lots of clothes ending up in landfills. Rather than these perfectly conditioned clothing items going to the landfill, they are sold by us to reduce landfill waste. 

Another benefit of these processes is that our stock involves no additional manufacturing procedures, reducing fumes from production factories and unsustainably sourced materials from coming into play – everyone wins! 


Why You Should Shop at Closet Chelle 

So, we positively influence the environment, but why should you shop here? Sometimes, especially with new, unfamiliar concepts, it can be difficult to justify changing old habits. Which puts you out of your regular routine, even for something as simple as where you shop. However, it's crazy not to buy your clothes from us, when you really think about it. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your clothes have positively impacted the environment, rather than contributing to waste or other world problems. 

Finally, you spend less money on brand name items while receiving the same products, still brand-new with their tags. Why wouldn't you?