Athleisure Wear, Perfect Wear During A Global Pandemic!

Athleisure Wear 

Within the fashion industry, there are many various types of clothing, and these different styles often fluctuate in and out of trends season after season. While working from home is a big thing at the moment, and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future, comfy clothes are a new style. Perhaps, the most popular clothing style within this category is athleisure. If you're looking to follow one of this year's most popular trends, this is for you! 


The Athleisure Trends 

In case you haven't seen it before, the athleisure wear trend is one which is taking the world by storm, as it becomes more socially acceptable to wear basic, comfy clothes out in the day for regular occasions (not that this really stopped us before). In other words, it has now become a trend to wear your favorite, most comforting clothes which would usually be worn around the house, and not outdoors. Athleisure includes styles such as leggings, jogging pants, tracksuits, hoodies, sports bras, and more. It's essentially a fusion of athletic clothing and comfort. 


Why is it So Popular? 

Since the beginning of the year, at the start of this pandemic, just about everyone stopped buying office skirts, dresses, suits, and uncomfortable stiletto heels to wear to the office every day, seeing as no-one was able to go into their workplaces anyway. If we're all staying at home, why not wear your comfiest clothes to work from home or lounge around the house – that's the real luxury!


Will it Stay Trendy? 

As mentioned, athleisure wear became increasingly popular during the pandemic, as more people starting working. Not to mention the global lock-down at one point, so what was the point in continuing to wear office clothes to lounge around the house? In the current climate, with all the uncertainty, it can be comforting to have something familiar. As simple as it may seem, our clothes do have the power to provide comfort and less stress.

So, in other words, as long as the pandemic continues, the athleisure wear will definitely be sticking around, especially as we move into the colder months of winter. Even after this is all over, it's pretty likely that the athleisure will continue going strong, because why wouldn't it? 


Free People – The Perfect Brand 

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